Supporting Schools During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the impact of COVID-19 with school closures and disruption to learning, we want to do our bit to help and will be granting free access to our school blogging platform for any affected schools, that don’t currently have blogs with us, until at least the end of June.

Blogs can help schools during this time in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Communicating with parents and pupils to set work and tasks
  • Allow open communication between school and home in the form of comments
  • Reassure parents they’re not alone and allow them to communicate easily with class teachers if they need to
  • Allow pupils and parents to show what they’ve been doing at home
  • Give students something new and exciting to engage in
  • Continue relationships with other schools you may already work with through the use of blogging and commenting
  • Further learning on the subject of eSafety

If you would like to start using PrimaryBlogger, please complete our usual sign-up form here. Please note you will not be invoiced until at least July, and only if you confirm you would like to keep your blog(s) and start a paid subscription.

We hope we can help schools and their parents/pupils via our small part of offering another method of communication and learning during this tough time. Please spread the word so we can reach relevant schools.

After the free period, we will contact any school that has created a blog during this time to ask if you would like to continue you with your blog(s) and start a paid subscription, yearly pricing can be seen here. If you no longer wish to continue with the blog(s); the blog will be removed and the content will no longer be accessible. This offer is limited to six blogs per school and new customers only.

PrimaryBlogger Updates – WordPress Version 5

Yesterday we updated PrimaryBlogger to the latest version of WordPress, which is version 5. You will notice some changes to the admin area, mainly in the way that you edit posts and pages, as WordPress have introduced a new editor called the Gutenberg Editor.

The main difference is that the use of blocks have been introduced. Although a little more complicated, blocks give users greater flexibility over what they can add to a page or post.

There’s a block for almost everything, – including content, images, quotes, galleries, cover images, audio, video, headings, embeds, custom codes, paragraphs, separators and buttons. Because you can drag and drop each block, identifying these items and placing them on the page is quite easy and makes each page or post very customisable.  There is a guide for the new editor here or head to the video tutorials on your blog Dashboard.

None of your existing pages or posts should be affected, existing content will formatted using the Classic Block – which is very much like the old editor. We’ve waited a while before doing this update to allow as much time as possible for WordPress and plugin developers to iron out any issues. That said, if you do find any compatibility issues with add-ons you are using on your blog, please do let us know.

If you have any problems, as always, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

Free-blog Closure Dates

Further to our blog post in January about PrimaryBlogger becoming a paid-only service, we are now able to provide more information regarding cut-off dates for our free blog users.

When will free PrimaryBlogger blogs be removed?
During the week commencing 4th June 2018 we will disable all free blogs. We will leave these blogs disabled for a time to allow users to contact us if they realise their blog has been disabled and decide that they would like to convert to a paid subscription. During the week commencing 13th August all free blog accounts will be closed and the free blogs will be permanently removed.

What to do if you would like to continue using your free blog after 4th June 2018?
If you would like to keep your blog and switch to our paid service, we are offering all free blog users a 50% discount, making the cost of a blog £50 per year. If you would like to take up this offer, please complete this form or email

New PrimaryBlogger Pricing

You may have noticed a while ago that we removed our pricing from our PrimaryBlogger website, and asked that if you’d like to upgrade your blog, to contact us. We removed our prices while we reviewed our pricing structure and decided how we were going to proceed.

What changes are we making
With immediate effect we are going to stop new free sign-ups on PrimaryBlogger, and from summer 2018 we are going to close free accounts on the the PrimaryBlogger service. All users with a free blog have the option to switch to our paid service, where we will offer a 50% discount.

To take us up on this offer, please click here. If you choose to move your blog away from PrimaryBlogger, we’re hoping that you will have ample time to achieve this, and there is an export tool available within PrimaryBlogger.

We are going to be increasing the price of our PrimaryBlogger service, which we will detail below.

Existing accounts
For any users that already have paid blogs with us, we will honour our old pricing for as long as you would like to keep your subscription.

Why are we making changes
PrimaryBlogger has grown very big over the years and as a result, takes a lot of resources to run and a lot of time to manage. We’re hoping to improve the service for paid users by reducing the load on the server, which should speed up the service and improve uptime. We’re also going to look to introduce new themes and plugins. There will no longer be different subscription levels, and all themes and plugins will be available for all users. If you have any suggestions on plugins you would like us to introduce, please let us know.

New Pricing
The new PrimaryBlogger pricing structure is as follows:
£100 per year  for one blog
£450 per year  for 10 blogs
£900 per year for 30 blogs

50% discount for users who had a free blog prior to 19th January 2018.

How to sign up
Please contact us if you would like to purchase a blog subscription for your school. We will take some details from you, create your blog and send you an invoice. If you would like to try out PrimaryBlogger before you purchase, please let us know and we will happily give you access to a demo blog to try out.

New PrimaryBlogger Support

A few of you may have already noticed we’ve started to introduce a new support system to PrimaryBlogger over the last few days. The change has come after we’ve had a few troubles with the old support site, again a few of you may have noticed this, so we decided it was time for a change.

We won’t unfortunately be able to move over your previous tickets, but if you have any unresolved problems please head here and open a new ticket.

We’ve worked to improve the knowledgebase with more in-depth categories and more topics. It’s something we’ll continue to add to over the coming few weeks; if you can think of anything you’d like to see in there please let us know.

As before, the tickets and knowledgebase are both accessible from your blog dashboard or the PrimaryBlogger homepage. You can submit a ticket by heading to

Happy Blogging!

The PrimaryBlogger Team

PrimaryBlogger Media and Theme Issues

Some users have experienced problems recently which are unfortunately theme related. Some users have been unable to add media and other users’ blogs haven’t been loading on the front-end, whilst dashboard access has remained okay.

If you’re experiencing such issues, we can confirm that they are most likely theme-related and choosing an alternative theme, should, in most cases resolve the issue.

We have unfortunately had to remove some themes that are no longer updated and have become incompatible with the latest versions of WordPress and certain server configuration.
One theme that has been badly affected is the ‘Nature’ theme, and this theme amongst others has unfortunately had to be removed. If you come across the same issue and are using a different theme, please take note of the name and let us know.

Apologies to any users that have been inconvenienced by this.

The PrimaryBlogger Team

PrimaryBlogger Maintenance

PrimaryBlogger is going to be down for 1 day on Wednesday 6th April whilst we perform essential maintenance and upgrades. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Spam Comments on PrimaryBlogger

We’ve had a few reports recently of blogs receiving more spam comments than usual. Although in most cases these comments won’t appear on your blog because you’ve got all comments set to be moderated, receiving the comment notification emails and having to sift through the comments on your blog can become a little frustrating.

To combat these, we’ve installed a new add-on and made it available to all users, whether you have pbPro, a free blog or are on a free trial.

As soon as the add-on is activated it should stop most of the spam comments on your blog. Although we can’t guarantee it will stop all spam comments, we’ve seen great results with it so far.

To activate the add-on, visit the Add-ons page on your blog and locate the add-on called ‘Anti Spam’. Simply click activate and you’re all set, it just works!

As always, if you have any problems or still continue to get a lot of unwanted spam, you can open a ticket here or reach us on Twitter. ​

PrimaryBlogger Maintenance

We are carrying out some necessary PrimaryBlogger maintenance this evening which may result in some temporary disruption to the service. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Help! I’m locked out of my school blog!

A few of you have contacted us regarding the access to your blogs being denied. First of all, we’re sorry that this has happened and caused you to waste valuable time in lessons. The reason for this is to prevent malicious attacks; when people or automated programs try logging into Primary Blogger by typing passwords many times in quick succession.

Why would this affect your school?

Often when teaching, you may tell the children to follow along step by step, including when to click to log in. Because all of the computers in class are on the same IP address at the school, the software we have installed to prevent malicious attacks thinks that your IP address is being used in an attack.

How do you prevent this?

If possible, when logging on to Primary Blogger, try to make it so that not everybody in the class is logging on at exactly the same time. That way, the software won’t kick in and lock you out for a period of time.

We hope this helps to explain why things haven’t been running so smoothly and hope you continue to enjoy using Primary Blogger. You can always notify us of any problems or ideas here or tweet us @PrimaryBloggger.

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