pbPro 2GB
from 25p/mo*
pbPro 5GB
from £1.67/mo
pbPro 10GB
from £2.50/mo
pbPro 20GB
from £4.17/mo
pbPro School Website
from £20/mo
100+ Plugins
100+ Themes
pbPro Plugins
pbPro Themes
Phone Support
Upload Space

* Bulk Upgrade of 100 x pbPro 2GB required for 25p/mo price.
** We only show tips including other Primary Technology services, no external ads are shown. They can be disabled in your profile.
*** Fair usage. School Website package applies to one blog only.

We try to keep everything as free as possible on PrimaryBlogger, we have thousands of features and hundreds of plugins available. As well as plugins we have an ever growing 100+ themes & plugins available. Each blog has 250MB storage space with a 25MB upload limit per file, you can get more space by upgrading to a pbPro account for as little as 83p a month. Check the admin area for more information after signing up. If you’d like to upgrade, you can pay via Credit/Debit card, PayPal funds or contact us to pay via invoice.

As well as things to use, we also have a large network of support available, utilising our large base of teachers who also use our service.

We take privacy and security seriously at PrimaryBlogger, that’s why we have the following features:

  • Human moderation of posts, pages and comments
  • Spam plugins automatically catch any unwanted comments
  • Ability to password protect posts and/or pages
  • Teacher management of users/class blogs
  • User rights management
  • Keyword monitoring and blocking
  • External security to block known hackers/spammers
  • Save as draft and preview before publishing
  • Ability to hide from search engines
  • Ability to limit themes and plugins per user

Selected blog posts created on PrimaryBlogger are sent out to our social networking profiles, enabling you to get a wider audience, for free. That’s currently over 1000 pairs of eyes before you start!

Want to do some mobile blogging? We’ve got that covered. As we use WordPress as our platform it enables us to use their mobile apps to create blog posts where ever you are in the world. Check out WordPress Mobile for more information.

If you need any more features just ask the community!

If you are looking for more than just a school blog and would like to talk to us about a school website, there is more information here, or you can visit our sister website Edusite.

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