Blogging Tips

Here are some blogging tips shared by Lucy Morris of St Josephs Primary Bradford.

Polls 1

You can use these to collect information from your class or to check their understanding of something.

They can either have a choice of two answers.

Or can tick as many answers as they like.


To see the results you just click ‘view results’.


In your dashboard you have a polls menu option and in that you can see who has said what by clicking on the log for that question.

Maps 2

You can embed Google maps into your blog like you have done with a video, they can be in map or satellite view. The children can swap between views and zoom in and out themselves.


To do this you just need to click the map button when you are creating a post.

Then type in a place or postcode then save changes and click insert this map.


100 word challenge 3

Each week a 100 word challenge can be posted on your blog, it will include a prompt for writing (e.g. a title, video, picture etc) and then the children just need to use the prompt in whatever way they can to write 100 words. The literacy merit is that they can then comment on each others posts with praise and suggestions to give them a real audience for their writing.


It would be helpful if you show you class how to count how many words they have written in word (by going to the tools menu and clicking word count in version 2003 or just looking in the bottom left hand corner of the screen in 2007) so they don’t try and waste time counting their words themselves.


There’s a new feature on PrimaryBlogger now that allows you to post to all of your blogs at the same time, without having to open each blog and post the same content in each one. It’s called Multipost and it’s on the right hand side of the post editor page where you write your blog posts. All you have to do is click the relavant blogs that you wish to post to.

The Multipost option is a quick way to get pupil opinion on something (e.g. What new books to buy for the library?) which helps tick the Ofsted criteria of PupilVoice.

  1. Activate the WP-Polls plugin in the plugins section to see this functionality
  2. Activate the Google Maps plugin in the plugins section to see this functionality
  3. Visit to get started with the 100 Word Challenge

2 Responses to “Blogging Tips”

  1. ktravers says:

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. Do you need the Pro Account to access Polls?

  2. PrimaryBlogger says:

    Nope, all plugins here are available to everyone. Pro accounts are really for more space and specialised plugins and themes.

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