Classdroid 2.0 and Classdroid Pro

At long last we have released our new and updated version of Classdroid and introduce to the world Classdroid Pro!

For those unfamiliar with Classdroid it is an Android app designed to work with PrimaryBlogger (or any WordPress blog) to allow teachers to instantly photograph pupil’s work, grade it and up it directly to the blog.

The most noticeable update to Classdroid is that it has been given a face lift and an improved lay out which now includes video tutorials and the ability to send feedback about your experience directly to us (both positive and negative, we aim to please and appreciate any feedback).

Along with these cosmetic improvements many bug fixes have been implemented such as issues with resizing of images and posts failing to upload.

Classdroid Pro extends the functionality of the free version of Classdroid and enables advanced features such as:

– Ability to Group Pupils
– Attribute Work To More Than 3 Pupils (No Limit)
– Mutliple Grading Schemes (0-5 Stars, UK KS 1-3 Levels, UK EYFS)
– Record Video and/or Audio
– Upload Media Recorded On The Device Outside Of Classdroid Pro
– Use Proxy Settings

Classdroid Pro is now available on Google Play for an introductory promotional price of £1.49

Please note that although Classdroid is designed to work with WordPress based blogs/sites only PrimaryBlogger blogs are fully supported.

Get them now on Google Play:


Classdroid Pro

You can chat with us on Twitter @Classdroid

6 Responses to “Classdroid 2.0 and Classdroid Pro”

  1. lowthers says:

    Pow – knocked it out of the park with this one! Love it…
    People in school getting very curious as to what I keep doing with it.
    Any chance of csv upload for names? Android devices are still shared at our school so our drop down ‘select class’ then pick names would be a useful feature for the future perhaps.
    Multiple pictures per upload?

  2. Ed Cooper says:

    Thanks Scott. You can already upload users via CSV if you use PrimaryBlogger, just look in the Add-ons section for Import Users from CSV and follow this guide I’ll add multiple pictures to the features request list!

  3. Mr. Rice says:

    Is there an IOS version?

  4. Ed Cooper says:

    We are looking at creating an app in the future. You can use the WordPress app at the moment, but obviously doesn’t have all of the same features.

  5. stbartsleeds says:

    Would love to know when there is an iOS of this too, as all our teachers have iPads, this would transform our blog!

  6. Jamie Flear says:

    Hi, the good news is that yes the iOS version is Classdroid Pro. Please view it at the link here:
    Many thanks

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