Migrate Users To Another PrimaryBlogger Blog

The most requested feature we’ve been asked for on PrimaryBlogger so far is the ability to move users in bulk from one blog to another, so we fulfilled your wishes and created a plugin to do it.

The plugin allows you to export users into a CSV file and import them into your new blog in just a few steps, did we mention it’s dead easy? It’s all explained on how knowledgebase section of our support website in an easy to understand how to guide at http://support.primaryt.co.uk/knowledgebase/transfer-users-between-blogs/.

It should work for everybody, but you never know, so any bug reports would be very useful if you find anything wrong with it! Let us know by opening a new ticket at http://support.primaryt.co.uk/new-ticket/.

Hopefully this should make your summers a bit easier now and save you some time!


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