New PrimaryBlogger Pricing

You may have noticed a while ago that we removed our pricing from our PrimaryBlogger website, and asked that if you’d like to upgrade your blog, to contact us. We removed our prices while we reviewed our pricing structure and decided how we were going to proceed.

What changes are we making
With immediate effect we are going to stop new free sign-ups on PrimaryBlogger, and from summer 2018 we are going to close free accounts on the the PrimaryBlogger service. All users with a free blog have the option to switch to our paid service, where we will offer a 50% discount.

To take us up on this offer, please click here. If you choose to move your blog away from PrimaryBlogger, we’re hoping that you will have ample time to achieve this, and there is an export tool available within PrimaryBlogger.

We are going to be increasing the price of our PrimaryBlogger service, which we will detail below.

Existing accounts
For any users that already have paid blogs with us, we will honour our old pricing for as long as you would like to keep your subscription.

Why are we making changes
PrimaryBlogger has grown very big over the years and as a result, takes a lot of resources to run and a lot of time to manage. We’re hoping to improve the service for paid users by reducing the load on the server, which should speed up the service and improve uptime. We’re also going to look to introduce new themes and plugins. There will no longer be different subscription levels, and all themes and plugins will be available for all users. If you have any suggestions on plugins you would like us to introduce, please let us know.

New Pricing
The new PrimaryBlogger pricing structure is as follows:
£100 per year  for one blog
£450 per year  for 10 blogs
£900 per year for 30 blogs

50% discount for users who had a free blog prior to 19th January 2018.

How to sign up
Please contact us if you would like to purchase a blog subscription for your school. We will take some details from you, create your blog and send you an invoice. If you would like to try out PrimaryBlogger before you purchase, please let us know and we will happily give you access to a demo blog to try out.

2 Responses to “New PrimaryBlogger Pricing”

  1. Shirley Bridges says:


    It says above that for those of us already using the free site, it will continue until summer 2018. How do I get our account reinstated please.

  2. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi there
    Please open a support ticket or email and include your blog address and username.
    Many thanks

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