PrimaryBlogger Pro Accounts and Recent Updates

It’s been a while since we last posted an update, sorry about that. But we’ve been working on some exciting new features, as you may have seen in your admin area recently.

Firstly, we have now started offering PB Pro accounts to allow you more upload space, premium plugins, premium themes and priority email support. Prices start as low as 83p a month for the 2GB account.Although we’ve started doing paid accounts we don’t want to become a faceless organisation to just take your money, we’re still offering free accounts with lots of features. In fact we haven’t removed anything, we’ve just added more to the PB Pro accounts. We’ve started the PB Pro accounts to help us cover our costs in running the service, we’re growing quite rapidly and our network that runs PB requires us to maintain it.

We hope that if you enjoy PrimaryBlogger and would like to support us then you’ll purchase an account. Keep an eye on our Twitter account in the coming weeks as we’ll be giving away some free PB Pro accounts to lucky winners.

Next, onto the new features!

You might have noticed that “Activate easy mode” button at the top right of your admin screen. Easy blogging is great for pupils and staff to get blogging who don’t need all the other options available, such as plugins and settings. It helps you concentrate on what matters, writing posts. You will also be presented with the option to activate the easy mode or standard mode when you create a new blog. You can always exit easy mode or go back in whenever you like.

We like to have as much information available to help users use PrimaryBlogger more efficiently, so we’ve now got video tutorials which you can find in your admin menu. They explain all the main PrimaryBlogger functions, from writing posts to changing settings. You’ll also notice that each page now has video tutorials for each individual topic in the admin help section, top right – click Video Tutorials.

We’ve added the ability to mass create users and blogs easily, check out “Blog & Users Creator” in the Users section and “Import Users” in the tools section. They’re documented with instructions at the top of each of the plugins, but they’ll make life a lot easier for users who want to add other users or blogs in bulk.

We’ve added lots more plugins and themes, even more if you purchase a PB Pro account. Check out the plugins and themes sections of the admin area to see what we’ve added!

We’ve merged our Ask, Wiki and Support websites into one, you can now get support for all Primary Technology services from We’ve got a lot of support articles on there for PrimaryBlogger, so if you ever get stuck go have a look. Many of you have found this already, but if not we’ve tried to make it as user friendly as possible allowing you to get your problems or questions answered quickly. We’ve also just added a feedback button to the admin area where you can request new features or suggest ideas on how we can move PrimaryBlogger forward. Don’t forget we’re on Twitter too @PrimaryBlogger and we’re usually hovering about to answer your questions or have a chat.

We will soon be announcing the ability to create customised school websites with PrimaryBlogger. We’re envisioning that you will be able to purchase a school websites account, the same way you would with a PB Pro account, then you’d have access to special themes that would allow you to massively customise to your needs. You’d also be able to assign your own domain name to your site and host it on PB, allowing you to use all your blog users on your school website. Imagine being able to get rid of your VLE and using PrimaryBlogger instead, wouldn’t that be much simpler? It would also be a lot cheaper, pricing has not been announced yet but compared to other school website and VLE products out there, let’s just say we’ll be beating them on price by far 🙂

Finally, stability. Over the last 6-12 months we’ve been working to stablise PrimaryBlogger, we won’t lie, we’ve had some issues but they’re now sorted. Due to our rapid growth we’ve had to do some massive modifications to our infrastructure that runs PrimaryBlogger. We now have 2 excellent servers that we balance PrimaryBlogger between, optimising page load times so you don’t have to wait around when saving posts and settings etc. I won’t go into much detail but if you’re interested in our set up let us know, we like to share 🙂 We’ll just say it’s now much more reliable and way faster than we’ve ever been, so enjoy!

Sorry for the long post, but we’ve added a lot of new stuff!

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    Great work and great service you offer!

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