PrimaryBlogger Updates – WordPress Version 5

Yesterday we updated PrimaryBlogger to the latest version of WordPress, which is version 5. You will notice some changes to the admin area, mainly in the way that you edit posts and pages, as WordPress have introduced a new editor called the Gutenberg Editor.

The main difference is that the use of blocks have been introduced. Although a little more complicated, blocks give users greater flexibility over what they can add to a page or post.

There’s a block for almost everything, – including content, images, quotes, galleries, cover images, audio, video, headings, embeds, custom codes, paragraphs, separators and buttons. Because you can drag and drop each block, identifying these items and placing them on the page is quite easy and makes each page or post very customisable.  There is a guide for the new editor here or head to the video tutorials on your blog Dashboard.

None of your existing pages or posts should be affected, existing content will formatted using the Classic Block – which is very much like the old editor. We’ve waited a while before doing this update to allow as much time as possible for WordPress and plugin developers to iron out any issues. That said, if you do find any compatibility issues with add-ons you are using on your blog, please do let us know.

If you have any problems, as always, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

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