UK Education Blog Awards 2012

The UK Education Blog Awards are here to celebrate the best in school blogging. This is the second year of the awards, last year they had over 300 nominated blogs, and 3600 votes cast. The 2011 winners can be found here.

This year they have put together four categories for their awards. You can enter into one or more of these categories.  The categories are:

  1. Class Blog of the Year
  2. Whole School Blogsite of the Year
  3. Teacher Blog of the Year
  4. Most Influential Blog of the Year

This is how it works…

  • Download the ‘Vote for me’ badge and put it on your site (don’t forget to add the link)
  • Your blog readers get voting. The top ten blogs in each category get shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted blogs will be sent along to the five judges on 15th June 2012.
  • The winners will be announced on 25th June 2012!

And what do the winners get?

Three things:

  1. Congratulations from far and wide
  2. A badge to proudly display on your site
  3. A subscription to Child Education and a 1 year PB Pro 2GB account from PrimaryBlogger

Terms and Conditions.

Not that this is going to be laden with rules, but you need to know where you stand…

  • You can download the badges as soon as you like, and get people voting today – you have until June 15th for people to vote
  • The ten blogs with the most votes get shortlisted
  • Shortlisted blogs are sent to the judges
  • Judges will report back and
  • Winners will be announced on 25th June 2012
  • Please don’t try and break the rules (for example voting for your own/others blog more than once), it’s not fair on everyone else
  • In the case of dispute, the judges decision is final
  • If you feel the need to contact Chris, please do! On twitter use @chrisrat or email him

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