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In an effort to find out more about our users, cut down spam and guarantee our service is for educational use, we will now require each blog to be attached to a school.

It’s a very simple process; if you’re registering a new blog you’ll be asked to type in your school’s name as part of the sign up process, if you’ve already got a blog you’ll see a new red bar at the top of any admin page that will direct you to the settings page to fill in your details. If your school doesn’t exist in our database you can contact us via our Support Website and we’ll add it for you. We use our My School Holidays service for the database which pulls data from around the world continually, so most if not all schools should be there.

We hope in the future to link allow an overview page of all the Primary Technology services that you use that are attached to your school, making it easier to navigate between them.

61 Responses to “Your School’s Details”

  1. Balestra says:

    Hi – I am a freelance history teacher and I use my blog as a teaching aid for the pupils. As such I am not attached to a particular school – is this a problem? I hope not as I have put a lot of work into it and the pupils love it!



  2. Ed Cooper says:

    It’s best to add a school you have worked with, as we stated in the post it’s to cut down on spam signups and guarantee educational use, so as long as you’ve worked with a school you could just use their name instead.



  3. MrsHaas says:

    My school name does not come up in the drop down list. It is Rendcomb College.

  4. Ed Cooper says:

    Hi, we’ve added this for you now.

  5. mrssquires says:

    My school is not on the list, it is St Andrew’s CofE Primary (M28 1HS)

  6. Ed Cooper says:

    I’ve added it for you as your school name St Andrew’s C.E. Primary School.

  7. Mrs McKean says:

    Hi Ed, Could you please add my school name – Wallacewell Primary, Glasgow.

  8. Ed Cooper says:

    All done, enjoy.

  9. hermschool says:

    My small school, Herm Island School, GY1 3HR (just off Guernsey in the Channel Islands) is not in the drop down menu either

  10. Ed Cooper says:

    Added for you!

  11. Mrs Young says:

    My school; S. Anselm’s School (DE45 1DT) does not appear on the list. could you please add it.

    many thanks

    D Young

  12. mrkirkpatrick says:

    Willow Tree Primary (Salford M6 5TJ) needs adding. Thx

  13. pagladwell says:

    my school isnt on the menu – Silver Springs Primary Academy UK

  14. misscharlotte says:


    Please add my school to your list.

    Colegio Britanico De Cartagena (Colombia)


  15. Ed Cooper says:


    Is it going to be an English speaking blog, as we’re not able to moderate other languages currently?


  16. mediabourne says:


    Could you add our school to your list too please?

    The Bourne Academy, Bournemouth, Dorset

    Many thanks

    Alan Grove

  17. Ed Cooper says:

    Hi Alan,

    It’s on there now for you.


  18. P1Children says:


    I have tried to add my school to my blog but it is not working. When I type in the name the school appears in your database but there is no button to link it to my blog.



  19. P1Children says:

    My school is Calderwood Primary School, Rutherglen. Thanks.

  20. Ed Cooper says:

    Hi, the school is definitely in our database. All you need to do is type it in and click on the school name, it will then let you carry on with the signup process.

  21. Ross Mannell says:

    I have seen the new request for my school. I must point out I am a retired teacher working from home here in Australia and therefore do not have a school to list. I keep access to Primary Blogger as part of the work online I do with classes. Being logged in to Primary Blogger allows easier access for commenting on some of their blogs.

    Here is one of my blogs as an example of the online work I do with students….

    I can’t find any listing for dealing with retired teachers but perhaps there should be as I still have much to contribute to students in retirement, especially as I now consider myself part of a global classroom. 🙂

    Thanks for your help.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  22. Ed Cooper says:

    Hi Ross,

    You may sign up using your old school’s details, we mainly ask for school details to combat spammers and non-edu users.


  23. Miss Cherry says:


    Please can you add my school to the list too.

    Prague British School, Czech Republic

    Many thanks,
    Miss Cherry

  24. Ed Cooper says:

    I’ve added it for you 🙂

  25. stowford says:

    I have just joined the site and my school appears as Stowford Primary School. When we became an academy last year it changed to Stowford School. Is it possible to update the name please?
    Thanks Anne Burns

  26. Ed Cooper says:

    Hi Anne, I’ve changed it for you. Cheers for letting us know.

  27. azharyoussef says:


    First, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to create our blogs so creatively.

    Would you please add my school to the list?

    EL-Hag Hadad Secondary School, Egypt – Sohag

    Thanks in advance!
    Miss Azhar Youssef, an EFL teacher

  28. mark says:

    This has been added for you,


  29. azharyoussef says:

    Thanks so much Mark for the add!

  30. princet says:

    Green Lane Primary Academy needs t be added please.

  31. Emma Rothery says:


    You’re already in the system as Green Lane Primary Academy (LS25 2JX)


  32. gpark13 says:

    Three Oaks Primary School amalgamated with Stirchley Primary School in 2010 to become Grange Park Primary School at TF3 1YQ – could you please update your records to reflect this – Thanks

  33. reok says:

    I’m an English teacher at primary school in Poland. Could I use your site to create a blog, that would help me teaching English as ESL? If I could, please add my school to your database: SP 4, Skawina, Polska. And one more question: Could I type Polish alphabet at your website?
    Thank you in advance

  34. Emma Rothery says:


    Thanks for letting us know. We have updated our records.


  35. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi @reok

    I have added your school to our database.

    You can choose the site language by going to general on the settings menu. There is also the Google Language Translator add-on which may be useful for you. Thank you

  36. adam wardknott says:


    Our school doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu. It is Bowhill Primary School Exeter.

    Adam Wardknott

  37. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi Adam

    Please can you let me have your full school address and I will add you to our database.


  38. adam wardknott says:


    Bowhill Primary School, Buddle Lane, Exeter, EX4 1JT


  39. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi Adam

    Thank you for those details. I have added the school to our database.


  40. adam wardknott says:

    Hi Emma

    Tried setting us up through Chrome, IE10, and Maxthon, but to no avail. There is still no drop down menu when I input the school’s name. Help!


  41. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi Adam

    I’ve sent you an email, we’ll get the blog set up for you.


  42. Hi Emma,
    Why can’t I see my school in the list?

    EL-Hag Hadad Secondary School
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  43. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi Azhar

    Please can you give me your full school details and I will add your school to our database.


  44. Hi Emma,
    It is :
    EL-Hag Hadad Secondary School, Sohag – Egypt

    Thanks for your response!

  45. Emma Rothery says:

    Thank you for your details. I have added the school to our database.

  46. Thanks Emma for adding my school.
    My students feel so happy to start blogging this semester.
    I appreciate your time!

  47. Hi Emma,
    I’m so sorry for asking my questions.
    What does “null” mean in my school’s name?

    I can see it in the drop down list as follows:

    EL-Hag Hadad Secondary School (null)

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  48. Emma Rothery says:


    The null is present just because your school doesn’t have a postal code, it shouldn’t be a problem. Have you been able to select your school and create your blog?


  49. Dear Emma,
    Thanks for your response.

    Yes, I created my blog and my students will start blogging this week.
    Really, I appreciate your time and effort.

  50. Miss Carre says:


    I have successfully set up my blog and found my school. However, my colleague is now setting up hers and it cannot find the school. Not sure why.

    Hautes Capelles School


  51. Emma Rothery says:

    Hi Heidi

    Thanks for getting in touch. I found your school in our database and they entry didn’t have a postcode so I have added that in. Hopefully now the school will come up in the search results. If it doesn’t, please let me know and we will set up the blog for your colleague.

    Many thanks

  52. Dan says:

    My school doesn’t appear Edwalton Primary school


  53. Emma Rothery says:


    We’ve added your school to our database, it should now appear in the dropdown list.

    Many thanks

  54. superstoryboy says:

    re blog.As you need to make life easier for us all please add UOL School of Education as the school for this blog

  55. Emma Rothery says:


    Please can we have the full school address details and we’ll add the school to our database.


  56. frazzle says:

    I can’t find my school on the dropdown menu.So can you put Castel Primary School on the dropdown list.

  57. Rory says:


    My school did not appear on the list when I attempted to set up.

    It is The British School in Tokyo.

    Kind regards,

  58. mrsrobinsonsroom says:

    Can you add Brier Park School?

  59. Emma Rothery says:


    I’m afraid we can only add UK-based schools to the list, however if you just select another school from the list you’ll be able to create your blog and start bloggging.

    Many thanks

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