What is PrimaryBlogger?

PrimaryBlogger is an easy to adopt Blog service for school teachers, pupils, classes, schools, workshops. If you’re from an educational establishment, make yourself at home!

What is PrimaryBlogger useful for?
Publishing work, stories and news online using the most popular publishing platform in the world, WordPress.

Why is PrimaryBlogger better than any other web based publishing tool?
PrimaryBlogger is based on WordPress and is aided by a large community of dedicated teachers and educators.

PrimaryBlogger is the most popular publishing platform used by schools in the UK and is exclusive to education only, each blog post is checked by a human.

Who runs PrimaryBlogger?
Primary Technology© operate this website. Primary Technology is a UK based company that provides ICT services to Education worldwide. Primary Technology also provide a range of tools both offline and online.

Online tools for teachers:

Online tools for pupils:

Online tools for parents:

Offline tools for schools:

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